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303Net now features a comprehensive listing of electronica links, called 303hoo. This directory is like the yahoo of the techno/rave world. You will find any music you are looking for, inlcuding many hard to find indie musicians.




















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the entire spectrum of independent music makers on the web
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Links and top lists to other music sites
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303hoo brings you the finiest in kickass techno.
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How to make techno and dance music tutorials
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A list of links to gear for electronic musicians and DJs
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Info on agents, and getting your music out there.
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Samples and patches to download for your machines.

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Download all the tracks from "Dolphin Trance" by Dylan Tauber, for free.

Download all the tracks from "Dolphin Trance 2" by Dylan Tauber, for free.

Top Ten:303net Featured Indie MP3 Songs
CountDown Log File Top Ten List
Downloads Song
32936 - IronFruit2K.mp3
21626 - dolphin_whisper_remix-SWS.mp3
21537 - ExUxNxJxU_Can't.Stop.Trance.mp3
16845 - Sleepwalking.MP3
16719 - the_dome_2000.mp3
16613 - Blitzkrieg.MP3
13900 - Memory(RadioMix).mp3
13702 - DJAmpz-TranceAddict(7c_melodic_mix).mp3
12522 - EXEHigherStateOfMind.mp3
11162 - UnLeadeD-Screamattheworld.mp3

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303swap Electronic Music Banner ExchangeThe Doorway - SWS Alblum #2

Son of Waves Studios has released twelve ambient / electronica / trance albums. All of the tracks from seven of the albums are free MP3 downloads.

To hear this music click the button above or click here.

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