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303swap Electronic Music Banner ExchangeDolphinMusic.net


Welcome to 303net Network's newest webmaster program.

A banner exchange similar to the Link Exchange and others, except we offer a much better exchange rate for all participants. Instead of the typical 2:1 ratio, you only need to show 1.5 banners for your banner to be shown on other sites.

In other words- you show 3 program banners, and your banner is shown twice.

Place your banner code in a good spot- only sites sending 1:200 click ratios or better will be approved. All sites reviewed prior to acceptance.

  • instant stats, daily stats, total exposures, and total clicks.
  • click thru ratio for each banner.
  • You can submit more than 1 banner, of any size.
  • Cheaters will be terminated. No spam.

    To add your site to the exchange,
    enter the name and password you wish to use:

  • Account Name:


    Upon approval you're account will be activated, and after placing the code (available by logging in below) on your pages, you can check your stats by returning to this page. Thank you for joining.

    To view the status of any single account or defined group,
    enter its name and password:

    Account or Group Name:

    Please add your site instantly to our other programs as well:


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