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  • Future Music - kickass magazine from England. I built my home studio based on their recommendations. Much more reliable and unbiased than any keyboard magazine I have foundpublished in the US. pop (Added: 20-Nov-1998 Hits: 3294)
  • Zap's Real Audio Tutorial - lets all give a hand for Zap, the kickass Norwegian who tells you everything you need to know about how to put your own RealAudio on the web. Screw the Record Labels- do it on your own! (or let 303Net help you out by providing the space for free) pop (Added: 20-Nov-1998 Hits: 2159)
  • SONGPROMO, Demo Songs Promotion and free Downloads. - Demo Songs Promotion on the Web, Unknown Talents get the Chance to be Known, You get your personal Home Page with your Biography and Picture, Monthly Professional Report from Hits and Visitors, Free Demo Songs Downloads. (Added: 28-Aug-2004 Hits: 708)

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